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CFPD Workshop

Twelve day Workshop on Rejuvenating Physical & Mind Wellness during 23 February 2024 to 07 March 2024 at MIT Campus

Twelve day Workshop on Rejuvenating Physical & Mind Wellness during 02 - 19 February 2024 at CEG Campus

Anna University & Naan Mudhalvan FDP 2024

Anna University & Naan Mudhalvan FDP for IV Sem

Employability Skills-Innate Talent during 11.03.2024 to 16.03.2024

Employability Skills-Ethnus during 11.03.2024 to 16.03.2024

EBPL-HCL during 11.03.2024 to 16.03.2024

Anna University & Naan Mudhalvan FDP for VI Sem

Cyber Security during 01.02.2024 to 03.02.2024

4G/5G Communication Networks during 29.01.2024 to 03.02.2024

Prompt Engineering during 29.01.2024 to 03.02.2024

Product Design Engineering and Modelling during 29.01.2024 to 03.02.2024

CFPD Two Day Workshop

Workshop: Virtual Reality Development with Unity 3D on 5th & 6th January 2024


University Departments: Faculty Induction Training Programme

Six Days Faculty Induction Training Programme on 24th-28th & 31st July 2023

Infosys & Anna University MoU

MoU Between Infosys & Anna University on 28 March 2023

CFPD Two Day Workshop

Workshop: Maintenance, Testing and Usage of Electronic and Measuring Instruments/Machines and Computers on 3rd&4th November 2023

Workshop: NI LabVIEW Fundamentals for Real Time Signal and Video Processing Using Embedded Technology on 30&31 October 2023

Workshop: Smart Electric Vehicle Design on 06&07 October 2023

Workshop: Repair & Restoration of Concrete / Heritage Structures on 07th & 08 th September 2023

Workshop: E-Content Development and Interactive EdTech Tools for Smart Class Teaching on 24&25 March 2023

Workshop: Blended Mode - Pedagogy in Technical Education on 16&17 March 2023

Naan Mudhalvan - A Massive Upskilling Program

Design of Photovolaic system for Domestic Load on 13-17 Feb 2023

Sustainable Building Design on 13-17 Feb 2023

Plant Simulation on 13-17 Feb 2023

Electric Vehicle Design on 13-17 Feb 2023

Digital Marketing on 13-17 Feb 2023

Block chain on 13-17 Feb 2023

Robotic Process Automation on 11,12 Feb 2023 & 18,19 Feb 2023


Naan Mudhalvan Programme on Training of Trainers Phase-III

Electric Vehicle for MECH on 08.10.2022

Electric Vehicle for MECH on 08.10.2022

Smart Energy Grid & Electric Vehicle for EEE on 08.10.2022

Naan Mudhalvan Programme on Training of Trainers Phase-I

AR/VR on 19.09.2022

Industry 4.O on 19&20 Sep 2022

Robotics Simulation for Manufacturing on 20.09.2022

Block Chain on 19,20&21Sep 2022

Powering IoT using Rashberry Pi or arduyno on 19,20,21,22&23 Sep 2022

Transportation Infrastucture-Airport, Metros & Seaports on 19.09.2022

High Rise Building Design on 19.09.2022

Design and Construction of Steel Building on 19.09.2022

Building Information Modelling on 19.09.2022

CFD&AUTVS: PDP-NTS for Administrative Staff On Double Entry Accrual Based Accounting

Teachers Day Programme on Leadership Quality

AICTE-AU Professtional Development Training for Non-Teaching Staff on Skill Development in Mechanical Engineering

75th சுதந்திர திருநாள் அமுதப் பெருவிழா

Infosys Springboard Meeting


Vice-Chancellor & Registrar Visited CFD

Winter FDTP - 2021 Proposal Section Meeting


COVID-19 PLEDGE ON 13.10.2020

Two day RO FDTP Under UGC XII plan Scheme

Groundwater Modelling

Research Challenges in 5G Wireless Communications

Power System Protection in Real Time

Applied Machine Learning

Research Challenges in VLSI and Communications

Research trends Data Analytics & Bio-Inspired Computing

Contemporary Research aspects in Information-Centric Networking

Essentials of Optical and SEM Analysis



AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy

3D Printing and Design

Internet Of Things

Artificial Intelligence


Wastewater Engineering

Social Network Analysis

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Finite Element Analysis

Operating Systems

Mobile Computing

Software Engineering

CEG Campus, B.E.-V-EE8501-Power System Analysis

MIT Campus ,B.E.-I-GE8151-Problem Solving And Python Programming

AC TECH Campus, B.Tech.-VII-CH6701

Anna University Signed an MoU with AICTE to Conduct STTP for faculty members on 22 February 2019


Capacity Building of Women in Higher Education (27, 28, 30 March 2017)

Soft Skills, Pedagogy & Management Training (27, 28, 30 March 2017)


One day workshop on "Research Methodology" 22, 23, 27, 28, 29 January 2015


One day workshop on "Quality Improvement Cell" (3 December 2013)

Educational CD Release - (26th July 2013)

Bridge Courses for Engineering Mathematics (29 May 2013)